Wadsworth Property Management (WPM) is a team of experienced professionals committed to bringing expert resources to all phases of property management. We are the choice for retail, office and industrial real estate owners who insist on excellent service, as well as worry-free dependability. Our unique management system includes a hands-on approach to ensuring the well-being and value of your property, personalized service, regular communication with our clients, and the design and execution of services that best meet each clients needs.


WPM approaches each property with integrity, motivation, sound principals and applications. These codes of conduct are woven into our daily business practices as well as a desire to provide unparalleled property management services to our clients. The WPM advantages are:

  • Maximization of the value of your investment
  • Creation and maintenance of curb-appeal
  • Develop cost reduction strategies, including annual property tax analysis
  • Custom designed tenant retention plan according to each individual owners goals
  • We maintain a relationship-driven management style to ensure happy, paying tenants
  • We pride ourselves in providing consistent, timely and accurate operating budgets and financial statements

WPM is a highly respected company with a proven track record of delivering on its word and promises (96% average performance evaluation). We thrive on building long-term relationships by carefully listening to our clients' needs, then providing the very best property management services possible. We will never compromise our excellent reputation or relationship with a client for short-term gains.

"I feel confident in recommending  Wadsworth Property Management. They are not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss our companies concerns and respond to questions."

- Idolina Quijada, Everest College

"I am very pleased with the attention to detail by Wadsworth Property Management. The level of service is very high, it's a reasonable price, and calls are handled promptly. We're in good hands."

- Richard Ferguson, Funding Universe

"Wadsworth employees are always available and courteous. They quickly return any call or reply to email messages. I would recommend them to any business for property management."

- Candice Shaffer, Everest College

"We enjoy working with Wadsworth Property Management and appreciate their efforts! Response time is always great and they listen! Our thanks to the team and their continued attention to the 'little' and 'big' issues."

- Lezlie B., Paradigm Solutions